Hello reader,

If you don’t already know my web comic, All for a Punchline, is made from photographs I take at improv shows. If you are unfamiliar with Chicago improv beyond Second City (or iO or Annoyance if you are a bit more savvy) improvised theater shows take place in all kinds of venues around the city. I personally have performed in eight different venues around the city and have been to shows at 14. I might be underestimating, but these are the ones that I can remember. Despite my immersion in the scene here in Chicago, I am still very much a beginner with a little over a years experience improvising specifically in the Chicago improv scene. I have been improvising since I was 17. I started in a high school program at the Playground Theater. After that I improvised during my senior year of high school and throughout all my years in college even serving as co-president during the final two years. While this has allowed me to grow as an improviser, It could not have prepared me for the competition among thousands of improvisers located in Chicago. Even as a native of the city I am continually amazed by the amazing talent I see in this city.

All for a Punchline was a concept that I actually came up with during my years in college. I was looking at photographs of members of my troupe and was intrigued by how lively everyone looked in these photos. I decided to rotoscope them in Adobe Illustrator. Later I added a punchline to it. I sent the comic over our group mailing list and suggested handing them out as gifts for the seniors. The response was very positive and I continued making comics for each of them. The seniors that year loved them.

The following year I convinced one of my art professor to let me continue doing this… as schoolwork. I began emailing theaters in the Minneapolis area and asking if I could come and take photos of their performers. I got a response from Huge Theater and I kept going that entire year to get fodder for my comics.

The following year I returned to Chicago with the goal of continuing to make this comic. I have done just that. I now have a website, facebook page, tumblr blog, and twitter account all dedicated to my comic each which have picked up a pretty decent following. I have made close to 80 comics and counting.

Now I even have a blog dedicated to it that I plan to use in whatever way I see fit. I will probably include updates on what I am doing. I will try to set up interviews with people about producing improv shows because that is something I am looking forward to doing in the future. I will probably include lots of thoughts on life and art and other things as well. Anyway, enjoy reading.