So like any comic artist, I jumped at the opportunity to be reviewed by one of my peers several months ago. Well the review finally came in and it may not have been the best. In fact, it might be the lowest reviewed comic that she has done so far (only looked at a few others so I am just guessing).

Anyway, as anyone would be after getting this review I did question if my work was any good or not. She brings up a lot of good points and it caused me to think about the choices that I make. I am going to go over the negatives of this review because there are more of those than the positive. So you can read the review here if you did not read it at the link above.

1. Purpose: This point I made a pretty immediate response to. I now have 3 sentences at the top of each comic that give the reader a primer on my process. My only argument I could make against this would be that the art should stand by itself, but as far as I know I am the only one who uses this process. So yes I should highlight it.

2. Atmosphere: I’ve heard complaints against the white backgrounds before. I asked my roommate and he said that the white background has become a good signature. I suppose I have established this and could definitely start experimenting with more backgrounds or maybe I could include the original image in some capacity. I’ll be pondering this one more to try and strengthen the comic.

3. A PUNCHLINE IS NOT ENOUGH! – This sounds mostly like personal preference to me and maybe the preference of a comic creator. Most comic creators are also comic readers and from what I can see prefer longer stories that people can follow. What this comic loses from not having characters, it can also gain from not having the reader not having had to have read every comic before to understand what’s going on. Each comic can stand as its own entity. It sounds like she was looking for some type of through line and there just is not one. I do feel that as of late I have not been detailed enough in my punchlines. I do feel that you can establish a relationship between the characters and make people laugh all in a few sentences. That’s what the top of an improv scene is all about.

4. FIX YOUR SERVER!!!! – I had issues with it the other day and maybe it was the day that this review was being written. Other than that it works fine for me.

I hope I respected her opinions in this post. Comic making is a continuous learning process and I can only get better from learning from someone else’s opinions. If you have any thoughts on ways I could improve my comic you can feel free to leave a comment below or send me an email on the contact form.