Hello fans and people who casually clicked on a link,

Thought I would take a moment to tell you that I plan on relaunching my comic on September 1st after taking the last 9 months off. It’s about time for this. I have wanted to start doing comics again for a long time, but have had a lack of motivation. Unfortunately, this lack of motivation has meant that the book is still in the works as well. Converting all of these sketches to comics takes time and I did not anticipate how much it would take. I’m still working on them though, but I don’t want this to get in the way of the original comic and a regular posting schedule.

So starting in September, I will be posting every single Wednesday and every other Sunday until June 1st. This would mean that 60 new comics would be created in that time. I would then hope to run a new sketch competition during May and June and hold new auditions for a new sketch show during that time. This would lead to a new revue somewhere in the July-October time-frame.

During this revue, I may not guarantee that every sketch that people submit becomes a comic. I will probably do some kind of voting among the audience members week to week and choose a few that are popular with them or I may just choose some that were submitted that I think would work well in this medium. You can let me know how you think this could be done in the comments below or by commenting on it in whatever social media platform you found this on (most likely Facebook).

This also could lead to the book getting longer. My original plan was to include the 140 comics that I have already created as well as comic adaptations of seven sketches that were submitted as part of the contest. I still want to adapt all seven and produce a book with at least those 140 comics, but the new comics created plus the new sketch revue could lead to a book with 200 total comics as well as ten or so adapted sketches. Either sounds like a good plan, but I am treading the line between challenging myself and keeping my goals reasonable and attainable. I also want to deliver a quality product that people will read. If you have any thoughts on this then feel free to leave comments below or on social media as well.

I do hope that you enjoy the upcoming comics. As an artist, I am always looking for feedback on the direction I should take things.


Daniel Anderson the All for a Punchline Artist