Hello dedicated reader or new person who discovered me via some message board or social media site around the internet,

I am producing a new sketch show and I want you to help me.

The premise is simple. Every sketch takes inspiration from one of the many comics. You can take it in any direction you please just like your improv teacher taught you (or for you non-improvisers this can be as closely or as loosely based on the comic as you want).

Everyone who submits a sketch using the form below will receive a free print from my store (please remember to click that link and choose one that is offered in the store. I cannot print any one that you desire because I am not made of money.) People who submit a sketch that is deemed worthy by our esteemed panel of judges will be in our sketch show that will likely go up at the Public House Theater on Thursdays in August. A select few from that will be chosen by me and drawn into comics that will be included an All for a Punchline book. The contest will run from April 1st to June 1st. Look below this sentence to see how much more time that is.

Are you now looking for inspiration? I did this sketch show before and have videos that you can view here.

Now have a good time either hitting searching for the perfect comic to write a sketch about or just hitting the random button and choosing one that way.

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By checking the above box, you are agreeing to allow me to use your sketch with attribution. Currently, I plan on using them in the upcoming sketch show and book.